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OMFO - We are the shepherds (2006)

01. Choban in Space
02. Shepherd Disco
03. Jok de doi
04. Drunk'n'Space (Mad Volinka)
05. Orbital Hora
06. Neobiknovennije Glaza,
07. Azerbaidjan
08. Tequila Gang Bang
09. Dagistan
10. Utomljonnoje
11. Oxamit
12. Voskresenie
13. Flujerash
14. 2007 Baran Odissey


All I will say is this is a gem, a rare find which makes you say "Damn, this is awesome". It's obscure, funky, Russian electronic music which is all about the glory days of the Cosmonauts and Shepherds which have more in common than you think. It is best described as "Space-age Russian disco music that somehow simultaneously sounds like it belongs in 1950 and 2050." and was one hell of an album the whole way through. Buy it, download it, listen to it, and enjoy it, and stop by OMFO's site for a cool insight on the album.

Grade A++++ unique stuff

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