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Fanu - Daylightless (2007)

01. Salem (feat Gigi)
02. From Afterlife She Speaks
03. Sidestep
04. Semena-Worck (feat. Gigi)
05. Tears of The Killer
06. When Gods Wake Up
07. Unia
08. Green Grass Small Clouds
09. From Afterlife She Speaks (reprise)
10. Hagakure
11. My Beautiful Paranoia
12. Painajaisista Todellisuuteen
13. Dreams Are Like Water
14. Shuuchuu
15. Snow People
16. The Missing Element
17. Dream of Something Gone
18. Mantra
19. Something Violent For Me And You
20. Autumn's Child
21. Angel In Flesh And Blood
22. Outro: I Dream Too Much


Crazy album here, I mean it's simply amazing. Despite it's length you will easily forget about time and just mellow out and get lost in the album. Even though I enjoy it so much it's very hard to describe, its bleak, dark, haunting, eerie, mellow and relaxing all while keeping sick beats at the core of each song which really help each song fit together perfectly. It's a real piece of work and really blew my mind, it has to be one of the most enjoyable albums I've found in a while.

TL;DR A++++ album

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