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Nick Drake - Pink Moon (1972) Sunday, April 24, 2011 |


Obligatory folk album. Also, /mu/core.

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posted by pirs

a.d.l.r. - Foam on the Waves of Space-Time... (2011) Friday, April 15, 2011 |

01. Supreme Sunlight 5:31
02. Tactility Of Time 4:25
03. Wilder Plain 3:19
04. Wisp 5:12
05. Euclid 1:43
06. The Softest Shade Of Purple Of A Powdery Hue 4:19
07. End 1:13
08. Personal Grids 3:58
09. Bright Wave 3:51
10. Basho 2:03
11. The System 5:44

DOWNLOAD /Fixed April 25th

Ambient music sounds capes or something. Idk just uploading a random album because well, I hate that Atmosphere cover. Good album w/bad album covers. This album though is a really interesting album with a good album cover so it makes up for it.


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posted by P!

Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly (2002) |


Found this at a "fav hip-hop albums" thread on /mu/, anon posted and I got curious. Pretty nice.

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posted by pirs

The Flashbulb - Love as a Dark Hallway (2011) Thursday, April 14, 2011 |


>the flashbulb will never release another album as good as kirlian selections


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posted by pirs

Barry Lynn – Balancing Lakes (2008) Wednesday, April 13, 2011 |

01. Abort, Retry, Fail. 5:18
02. Something With M In It 2:46
03. Loving Dub 4:50
04. New Orleans 3:14
05. Lattice Shimmer 2:39
06. LTI 5:25
07. Early Reflection 6:52
08. Hayfever Dub 3:52
09. Leafy Imprint 4:21
10. London 4:45
11. J-Set Jogwheel 3:33
12. Metric Cypher 5:58
13. Fieldtrip (Butterfly Pair Mix) 4:57
14. November Dub 5:28


Gem from the Planet Mu back catalog. Though only 3 years old, the album is quite interesting and as it should. Barry Lynn is quite the talented fella, though most famous for his dubstep works as Boxcutter his self named IDM album is gold. Lots of nice, rich atmospheres, nicely worked drum patterns, lots of nice glitchy sounds and very enjoyable melodies. It's a shock that I overlooked it for so long since there is a lot to like here.

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posted by P!

Himuro Yoshiteru - Where Does Sound Come From? (2010) |

1 Himuro Yoshiteru – The Adventure On My Desktop 6:17
2 Himuro Yoshiteru – Is Resistance Futile? 3:54
3 Himuro Yoshiteru – We, Wess-Age 5:25
4 Himuro Yoshiteru – Start It 7:28
5 Himuro Yoshiteru – I Wanna Show You What I'm Seeing 3:56
6 Himuro Yoshiteru – Unwind And Rewind 3:57
7 Himuro Yoshiteru – Bold Lines 3:39
8 Himuro Yoshiteru – Laser Diode 3:42
9 BSK – Miss Kimonodancers (Himuro Remix)Remix – Himuro 4:30
10 Himuro Yoshiteru – Sort Of DnB 5:45
11 Himuro Yoshiteru – Hi! 2:18
12 Himuro Yoshiteru – Why Done It 4:23
13 Himuro Yoshiteru – If I Could Play Guitar 3:39
14 Himuro Yoshiteru – Me Vs Me 5:58


Himuro's latest album. Lots of good tracks for idm junkies and electronic fans alike. Really nice, flowing, modern IDM album with a lot of nice styles and influences all neatly packaged into one album. Very consistent, lots of nice sounds to enjoy and kinda get lost in. Keeps the tempo high most of the time, but the tracks are very easy to enjoy.

I also want to note how nice tracks like I Wanna Show You What I'm Seeing and Sort Of DnB are, Himuro has a nice way of adding in some very "beautiful" sounds into his music. Very pleasing to the ears kinda stuff. Especially Sort Of DnB, absolutely adore it, very beautiful song. Well worth the download for that track alone.

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posted by P!

Young Galaxy - Shapeshifting (2011) Tuesday, April 12, 2011 |


This is the newest album from Young Galaxy. Seeing as how I have yet to listen to their previous albums, I cannot compare it to anything they have done in the past. However, I can say this, I am usually not a big fan of this type of music but this album is quite good. Do not hesitate to give it a go.

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posted by Duban

Some news Tuesday, April 5, 2011 |

Sharing is Caring would like to welcome our newest team member: Duban.

Hopefully he'll be posting some fantastic stuff for you guys!


posted by hresvelgr

Explosions In The Sky - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care (2011) Saturday, April 2, 2011 |


If you're an EITS fan and didn't like this album, fuck you.

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posted by pirs