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Himuro Yoshiteru - Where Does Sound Come From? (2010)

1 Himuro Yoshiteru – The Adventure On My Desktop 6:17
2 Himuro Yoshiteru – Is Resistance Futile? 3:54
3 Himuro Yoshiteru – We, Wess-Age 5:25
4 Himuro Yoshiteru – Start It 7:28
5 Himuro Yoshiteru – I Wanna Show You What I'm Seeing 3:56
6 Himuro Yoshiteru – Unwind And Rewind 3:57
7 Himuro Yoshiteru – Bold Lines 3:39
8 Himuro Yoshiteru – Laser Diode 3:42
9 BSK – Miss Kimonodancers (Himuro Remix)Remix – Himuro 4:30
10 Himuro Yoshiteru – Sort Of DnB 5:45
11 Himuro Yoshiteru – Hi! 2:18
12 Himuro Yoshiteru – Why Done It 4:23
13 Himuro Yoshiteru – If I Could Play Guitar 3:39
14 Himuro Yoshiteru – Me Vs Me 5:58


Himuro's latest album. Lots of good tracks for idm junkies and electronic fans alike. Really nice, flowing, modern IDM album with a lot of nice styles and influences all neatly packaged into one album. Very consistent, lots of nice sounds to enjoy and kinda get lost in. Keeps the tempo high most of the time, but the tracks are very easy to enjoy.

I also want to note how nice tracks like I Wanna Show You What I'm Seeing and Sort Of DnB are, Himuro has a nice way of adding in some very "beautiful" sounds into his music. Very pleasing to the ears kinda stuff. Especially Sort Of DnB, absolutely adore it, very beautiful song. Well worth the download for that track alone.

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