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Pizzicato Five - This Year's Girl (1991/2006 re-release)

01. This Year's Girl #4
02. I
03. Ohayo
04. Thank You
05. Let's Be Adult
06. This Year's Girl #5
07. Baby Love Child
08. Twiggy Twiggy
09. Twiggy vs James Bond
10. Gifted
11. Party
12. Shi-Ri-To-Ri
13. Marble Index
14. Y.O.U.
15. Xxxxxxxxxman
16. Tokyo's Coolest Sound
17. Birth Of Cool
18. This Year's Girl #6


This here is quite the famous album. Though not my favorite P5 release, it was a very important one in their career as for the pop music scene in japan. For those who don't know Pizzicato Five have been around since the late 80's I believe and have been a strong player in the "Shibuya-kei" movement that swept through japan and the world in the 90's (which all the kids like to talk about). Their music is very influential and actually very nice and diverse. I often think they have a sound of their own and actually fell in love with it when I first heard the (famous) Happy End Of The World album.

Though this is a very old release I randomly put it on this morning and forgot how much I liked this group. Personally I find it to be a nice change of pace from my current interests which I am growing tired with, very nice loungey downtempo pop music with a healthy jazz and hip hop influence (apparently De La Soul was a big influence on the group, most notably in the groups adaptation of sampling). Very "classy" music, if you would like one word to describe it.

It being in japanese may be a set back, the music is top notch. Personally, I find the first few tracks to be a bit oddly placed, but the album has some of their best work on it. Somewhat of an infant version of their sound which developed a lot more over time I can only say it's fantastic and you should give it a listen (then again I always say that!).

FYI the track Baby Love Child was actually featured in that episode of Futurama about Leela's parents. Albeit a different english version but even so. Great release, give it a listen, yada yada, you know the drill.

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