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Various - Freak Family Drum Circle Explosion LP (2007)

01. Limewax - Share No Soul
02. Current Value - Faith
03. Tech Itch - Your Last Hours
04. Panacea - Rave Music Resurrected (Featuring - A C Slater)
05. SPL & T.Z.A. - Violation
06. Gein vs. Arsenic - Bitch


I would say this is worth the download for Faith alone but the Limewax and Panacea tracks are phenomenal. Hell the whole compilation is. Six hard hitting tracks from some of the best in the business. Just dark tracks often referred to as "relentless" which I find to be absolutely stunning, like I said Faith is one hell of a track. I haven't been able to get it out of my head all week.

Really "top tier" quality stuff, download and enjoy. Oh and brace yourselves, this is heavy stuff. :)

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