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Black Breath - Razor to Oblivion (2008)

Can you count from one to brutal? Hopefully so, because one is about the amount of seconds this album takes to get there. Tight drumming, heavy and crunching guitar with some equally impressive riffs, aggressive baselines, and the kind of singing that keeps cough drop companies in business. But what sets this album apart from the typical metal garbage is that this band understands how to write good songs; sure, they know how to let a good riff sink in, but they also know how to stop that riff from becoming a song. Which is what separates the bacon from the gristle or one of those stupid euphemisms. (Side note: those 'good from the bad' euphemisms are lame.) Point being: this band knows exactly how and what it's playing, and does it in the best ways possible. Not to mention that cover art is pretty rad.

Download - Mediafire (320)

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