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Automat - Automat (1978)

Part 1 (by Claudio Gizzi):
01. Rise
02. Advance
03. Genus
Part 2 (by Romano Musumarra):
04. Droid
05. Ultraviolet
06. Mecadence


This album has a very sad story to it, often regarded as a failure by the label and even the producers of it, it was cast into the shadows of obscurity left to remain as a long and forgotten cult album. No one really remembers it, no one talks about it, no one really knows of it. Though us with the internet are able to obtain it quite easily it isn't exactly something people go looking for, again due to it being lost in obscurity and in the cabinets of time.

The album itself is a somewhat forced collaboration between italian producers Romano Musumarra and Claudio Gizzi back in the mid to late 70's. Using the MCS70 analog synth they made 4 tracks (cd version 1 was split into 3 parts, thus 6 tracks) in little under 4 weeks of studio time. As I said, the finished result was not well liked by both producers thus they never worked together again.

While listening I was quite taken by how fantastic the album really is, it's a strikingly haunting futuristic soundtrack which could only have been created in the time it was produced. I've listened to it countless times and personally regard it as one of the finest things I've heard from the era of early electronic music and italo disco. For those curious it can be compared to other early italian electronic music and soundtracks from early italian horror and sci-fi films.

Each track is just fantastic, I often find myself at a loss to describe it. Though it is very futuristic, it has dramatic overtones and very interesting sounds behind it. The album itself just feels cinematic and epic, though I guess some could see it as dated due to it being mostly all analog synthesis, it really hasn't aged much. I think the "retro aspect" to it gives it some of the albums finest qualities. You simply don't get albums like this anymore.

In the beginning there was the "MACHINE"
the survival and the organization of the planet depend upon the "MACHINE"
the future and the past depend upon the "MACHINE"... the past?
but who wanted the "MACHINE" ?

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  • Anonymous Chuck says so:
    November 29, 2010 at 6:02 AM  

    Nice one, reminds me of 'The Castle in the Sky' by Miyazaki top

  • Anonymous Lorde_Loki says so:
    December 14, 2010 at 8:31 PM  

    The description is quite passionate, but the caracteristics to the cd look like a good description of my feelings by the album "into the great white yonder" from Trentemöller

    actually i think the conection is pretty far fecthed top

  • Blogger metantropo_73 says so:
    May 27, 2011 at 9:53 PM  

    Automat es un disco monumental, extraordinariamente futurista,emocional, dinámico y uno de los mejores discos de electrónica progresiva y de Italia.GENIOS!!! top

  • Blogger metantropo_73 says so:
    May 27, 2011 at 9:57 PM  

    AUTOMAT es un disco monumental, futurista, dinámico, nostálgico, sentimental, mental, etc etc.... En síntesis uno de los mejores discos de electrónica progresiva y de Italia. GENIOS!!! top