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Non Dolet - Inner (2010) Monday, February 28, 2011 |


So here's some trip-hopish ambient from a russian girl. Pretty good stuff.

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posted by pirs

Limewax - The Kristall Weizen EP (2008) Sunday, February 13, 2011 |

A Kristall Weizen 6:57
B Ship Opening 5:29
C Aria 4:18
D Mephistopheles 4:29


The term kristallweizen (crystal wheat), or kristall weiss (crystal white beer), refers to a wheat beer that is filtered to remove the yeast from suspension. Additionally, the filtration process removes wheat proteins present in the beer which contribute to its cloudy appearance.

In short, beast ep by Limewax reminds me that I need to upload something you guys may likeee. (but I will do that later because I am lazy)


posted by P!

Noisia - Monster EP (2007) Saturday, February 12, 2011 |


So, yeah, I actually found this at P!'s tumblr (which I guess he doesn't have anymore). Not sure what this is, DnB? IDM? Anyway, here's my fav, check it out. Pretty awesome electronic music.

Hopefully I'll post some post-rock in a few days.. We'll see.

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posted by pirs

The Panacea - Cryptonomicon EP (2007) Thursday, February 10, 2011 |

A Raiden & The Panacea - Connect The Dots
B Raiden & The Panacea - La Shit
C The Panacea - Cryptonomicon
D The Panacea - Word Of Thoth


The Panacea owns, as I have said before but this EP is really just good. The Raiden collabs are really nice too. Really hard hitting, complex, dark tunes

Maybe later I'll post a list of stuff to get or a batch upload because I hate posting short ep's. Not really in a sharing is caring mood but if you guys have any requests or want something leave a comment. I'm just lazy, sorry, heh.

posted by P!