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Alec Empire - The Destroyer (1996)

01. Untitled (0:21)
02. We All Die! (7:07)
03. Suicide (4:54)
04. Bang Your Head! (5:37)
05. Don't Lie, White Girl! (4:35)
06. Fire Bombing (4:17)
07. I Just Wanna Destroy… (4:51)
08. Bonus Beats (4:03)
09. Nobody Gets Out Alive! (5:34)
10. My Body Cannot Die (4:25)
11. The Peak (3:54)
12. Heartbeat That Isn't There (3:08)
13. I Don't Care What Happens (5:11)
14. My Face Would Crack (6:46)
15. Pleasure Is Our Business (Live!) (7:48)
16. Untitled (0:07)

(Note these tracks, and the upload are both that of the original printing)


This here is a classic, Alec Empire's "The Destroyer" album pretty much set a standard for its day. Though the term "break core" was used before, this album was highly popular due to its innovative use of breaks which many had not seen at the time. Each song is nuts, fast crazy breaks, hard hitting bass lines, and tons of samples. It was very unique for its day and I still think it is to day. Death, destruction, sex, immortality, apathy, imminent doom are all pretty much the themes of the album which fit quite well with Alec's persona and the general nature of the album.

Also, pay attention to the last few tracks, there is one sample there which still cracks me up no matter how many times I listen to it, haha.

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