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Caesars - Paper Tigers (2005)

01 "Spirit"
02 "It's Not the Fall That Hurts"
03 "Out There"
04 "Jerk It Out" (Ã…hlund)
05 "May the Rain"
06 "My Heart Is Breaking Down"
07 "Paper Tigers"
08 "Your Time Is Near"
09 "Throwaway"
10 "Winter Song"
11 "We Got to Leave"
12 "Soul Chaser"
13 "Good and Gone"

DOWNLOAD (Fixed 5/25)

Though many have probably heard their music, not many know of the Caesars. On this album was their huge hit "Jerk It Out", and despite being a hit doesnt mean the rest of the album sucks when compared to the song. Its very enjoyabe from start to finish and in all a very well put together album. Give it a try, you may like it more than you think.

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