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No-Man - Schoolyard Ghosts (2008)

1. All Sweet Things
2. Beautiful Songs You Should Know
3. Pigeon Drummer
4. Truenorth
5. Wherever There Is Light
6. Song of the Surf
7. Streaming
8. Mixtaped

One of Stephen Wilson's numerous side-projects, No-Man sounds similar to a Stephen Wilson release. Many of Wilson's songs with No-Man also have a lush, romantic quality about them -- none moreso than the gorgeous "Days In The Trees," from the album Lovesights - An Entertainment. Thematically “Schoolyard Ghosts” can be seen as a more optimistic counterpart to Porcupine Tree’s “Fear of a Blank Planet”. Both albums are dealing with youth in some way, but while Porcupine Tree draw a pessimistic, cynical picture, No-Man’s approach is more hopeful. Which doesn’t mean it can’t be amazingly melancholic, sad and sometimes almost bleak.

Download - Mediafire [v0]


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