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Lights Out Asia - Eyes Like Brontide (2008)

01 A Day Towards Other Days
02 Radars Over The Ghosts Of Chernobyl
03 X-33
04 Psiu! Puxa!
05 The Wrong Message Could End You
06 MIR
07 If I Die, I Wish You A Horrible Death
08 Six Points Of Fire


OK, so this was not the first I listen to Lights Out Asia. 1st time I got another album, which had a very nice cover. However, I was greatly disappointed. And thus never listened to them again. Until some random guy, from /mu/ or waffles, I can't remember, recommended me this CD. And, WOA, I do not regret trusting the guy.

Much better than that other album, this is far more ambient/shoegaze, with beautiful and trippy sounds/melodies. Great stuff.

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