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Strung Out - Exile in Oblivion (2004)

1. Analog
2. Blueprint Of The Fall
3. Katatonia
4. Her Name In Blood
5. Angeldust
6. Lucifermotorcade
7. Vampires
8. No Voice Of Mine
9. Anna Lee
10. Never Speak Again
11. Skeletondanse
12. Scarlet
13. Swan Dive
14. The Misanthropic Principle

I know what you are thinking by looking at this. "Oh not this fucking punk shit again, and it's not even from the 80s, it's going to be garbage." Unfortunately you are wrong. Sounding much closer to Propaghandi than anything else, the album shines through with well-written lyrics, and an excellent sense of where they want to take you with this album. However, overall, the album is dragged down by a few mediocre tracks. These mostly occur near the end of the album though, so this impacts the album very little.

Download - Mediafire [v0]


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