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Spawn of Possession - Noctambulant (2006)

1. Inception
2. Lash by Lash
3. Solemn They Wait
4. Render My Prey
5. Eve of Contempt
6. Sour Flow
7. By A Thousand Deaths Fulfilled
8. Dead & Grotesque
9. In My Own Greed
10. Scorched

Noctambulant is an impossible album. Some of the things the guitarists in Spawn of Possession are doing here don't even sound possible. Overall, the sound is incredibly melodic, sounding closer to Between the Buried and Me at times, instead of a more traditional approach to death metal. But for SoP, this works well for them, the music creates a tale of suffering, woe, and some of the best playing I have heard in years. The huge standouts for this album are Sour Flow for the guitars, and Scorched for the drumming. Listen to Sour Flow once, and you will be blown away.

Download - Mediafire [v0]

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