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The KLF - Chill Out (1990) & The KLF - The White Room (1991)

01. Brownsville Turnaround on the Tex-Mex Border
02. Pulling Out of Ricardo and the Dusk Is Falling Fast
03. Six Hours to Louisiana, Black Coffee Going Cold
04. Dream Time in Lake Jackson
05. Madrugada Eterna
06. Justified and Ancient Seems a Long Time Ago
07. Elvis on the Radio, Steel Guitar in My Soul
08. 3 A.M. Somewhere Out of Beaumont
09. Witchita Lineman Was a Song I Once Heard
10. Trancentral Lost in My Mind
11. Lights of Baton Rouge Pass By
12. Melody from a Past Life Keeps Pulling Me Back
13. Rock Radio into the Nineties and Beyond
14. Alone Again With the Dawn Coming Up


01. What Time Is Love? (LP Mix)
02. Make It Rain
03. 3 a.m. Eternal (Live at the S.S.L.)
04. Church of the KLF
05. Last Train to Trancentral (Live from the Lost Continent) (LP Mix)
06. Build a Fire
07. The White Room
08. No More Tears
09. Justified and Ancient


Double release for the 200th post! What a better way to make it than with two amazing KLF albums!

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