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Lifelover - Erotik (2007)

1. Förspel & Intrång
2. Sweet Illness of Mine
3. I Love (To Hurt) You
4. En Man I Sina Sämsta År
5. Dödens Landsväg
6. Välkommen Till Pulvercity
7. Saltvatten (Du + Jag VS. Tellus)
8. Besatt
9. Höstdepressioner
10. Humörets Bottenvåning
11. Museum of Past Affections
12. Nitlott


So, I got this album 'cause I saw it in a 3x3 CDs thread at /mu/. Some guy with a rather good taste had this at his 3x3 and I got curious. After lurking a bit, I found out: black metal? Eh.. Not my cup of tea. But I downloaded it, after all.

I'm right now addicted to this album. It's not like the BM I was used to. I mean, just listen to this song. It's beautiful! That piano! There are others like this one too, and there's one completely electronic, which reminds me a lot of Ulver's Perdition City (one of the best CDs ever made).

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