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Micro-Escopio - Songs For The Road Towards The End Of The World (2009)

1.Ciento Once Grados
2.Un Baile Al Son El Desconcierto
3.The World As Will And Representation
4.Tron Was Yesterday
5.Nadie Es Infalible
6.Waiting For The Solstice
7.Corriendo Del Fantasma De La Navidad
8.The Road To Masada
9.The War Of The Thetans
10.While The World Collapses
11.En La Tierra De Los Ciegos (El Tuerto Es Rey)
12.(Mil) Ciento Once Grados-Reprise

This Puerto-Rican band makes some really good electropop. When they mailed us here at sharethread, I was really apprehensive about posting the music here because I expected something uninteresting, but recieved the opposite. This album is excellent, and a real treat to listen to. If you like Matmos, grab this as soon as possible.

Download - Rapidshare

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