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Surdr/Seagull Overseas - split (2008)

01. Along the shorelines of consciousness
02. Vestige, Sea
03. Les Rudiments Essentiels
04. Content
05. 37
06. Vestige, Respiration
07. Meaningless Conclusions

Seagull Overseas
08. Night of Past (feat. Haeiresis)
09. Hidden in the Snow
10. As Strangers in the Church of Hardware
11. To Learn Happiness

DOWNLOAD (part 1)
DOWNLOAD (part 2)

Hailing from Lithuania, Surdr and Seagull Overseas are both one-man projects making some of the best dark ambient I've been exposed to. Surdr's side deals with a concept of meditation without cultural influence, so as to have closer contact with one's soul without derailment from outside forces. The notable track "37," which seems to defy from the rest in genre without straying away from the central theme, while Seagull Overseas' "Night of Past," stands out, and pleasantly so, as the only track with vocals as well as the application of guitar for more than droney sounds. The sides each, for the most part, share a common feel throughout, Surdr's being that of a wave, where as the other is more droning and constant Surdr and Seagull Overseas each have myspaces which can be found at [1] and [2], respectively. In addition, Seagull Overseas' website can be found at [3]. All material released by these artists can be downloaded for no charge from their respective sites.

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