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The Red Sun Band - The Shiralee (2008)

1. Like An Arrow
2. Heart Breaker
3. Won't See You
4. Steer Your Helm Away
5. It's So Heavy
6. The Shiralee
7. Bathysphere
8. The Eagle
9. Hymn To An Empty Room
10. Lonely Chirdren

Theredsunband hit the scene with their debut album “Peapod”. The band hit the road with Evermore, End Of Fashion, The Panics, Magic Dirt and notched up supports with Sonic Youth, The Shins, Cat Power and Blonde Redhead. After two years of constant touring, they disappeared into the shadows to write & record a follow-up. Now they have flipped the switch back to loud and returned with a brand new album, a new label, and two national tours. If you love indie, lo-fi, and shoegazey dream-pop, this is your album.

Download - Mediafire (v0)

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