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Magic Dirt - Young and Full of the Devil (1998)

1. Babycakes
2. She Riff
3. Rabbit With Fangs
4. Shrinko
5. What Have I Done
6. These Drugs Are Really Starting to Fuck Me Over
7. Short Black
8. X Ray
9. Ascot Red
10. Babycakes You Always Freeze Me Up

Magic Dirt are a band from Geelong, an industrial city near Melbourne, Australia that should have been levelled and redesigned as a toxic waste dump several years ago. Nothing ever goes the way of Geelong residents; their major bank collapsed in '91, the once booming car industry has found cheaper labour in Indonesia, and their beloved Geelong Cats football team are perennially second place in the AFL. Magic Dirt, arising from an incestuous but sometimes brilliant local band scene (their influence relies more on deceased nobodies like 'Bored' and the 'Seaweed Gorillas' than on Sonic Youth and Hole) reflected this desparation. Honest and powerful, Young and Full of the Devil is an album not to be overlooked.

Download - Sharebee (320cbr)

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