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Anarchy Club - A Single Drop of Red

1. Graveyard Stickshift
2. Collide
3. Blood Doll
4. A Single Drop Of Red (The Gentlemen)
5. No You Don't
6. Interlude
7. Shaolin (Wudang Style)
8. Behind The Mask (Qigong Mix)
9. King Of Everything (Kalari Mix)
10. Enemy Ace (Anarkey Lime Pie Mix)
11. Behind The Mask (Dopplo Macchiato Mix)
12. Shadow Of A Ghost (Guilty Remix)

More of a B-sides than a true album, A Single Drop of Red is a solid offering nonetheless. The album features six remixes of tracks from the first Anarchy Club album, and five new tracks. The remixes are liked to different degrees by different people, personally, I am impartial to them, nothing to skip, but then again nothing that would excite me enough to hear it more than once. The real gems on the album are 'Blood Doll' and 'Collide', truthfully, I can't get enough of Blood Doll, one of the best tracks made by this band. If you're up for some hard rock, check this band out.

Download - Mediafire (v2)

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