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Psyche Origami - The Standard (2005)

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1. Fool Service
2. For Those That Know
3. No Line, No Waiting
4. Wherever You Are
5. Maybeesandifs
6. Critics Choice
7. Commercial Property feat. X:144 & Swamburger
8. Self-Serv-Us feat. Jax & Flux (of Binkis)
9. The Quantum Mechanics
10. Get It Correct
11. The Standard
12. Directions
13. Three Eighty Seven (Interlude)
14. Get Gassed-Up feat. Killa Kalm (of Binkis)
15. Spare Change
16. Check-Out Line feat. Bambu & Jmil (of Collective Efforts)


I first found out about Psyche Origami from Adult Swim believe it or not. A lot of their music is used in the programming, but I first got my hands on one of their albums from another blog (OK Music I believe) and well, it was amazing. And The Standard is simply amazing as well.

It's defiantly in the god tier list of hip hop albums if you ask me, so pick it up if you are a fan of the genre or not. Who knows, you may actually like hip hop for once...


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