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Early Man - Closing In (2005)

1. Four Walls
2. War Eagle
3. Death Is the Answer
4. Feeding Frenzy
5. Thrill of the Kill
6. Like a Goddamn Rat
7. Fist Shaker
8. Evil Is
9. Brain Sick
10. Contra
11. Raped and Pillaged

A throwback to 70s metal, such as the likes of Black Sabbath, early man combines killer riffs with driving bass, and not to mention some excellent drumming. From slow and brooding notes to brutal shredding, the well paced, and played album shines. Simply put, the musicianship is superb. 'Closing In' starts off with a bang, not a whisper, and quickly shows its intentions. As soon as the first riff hits, only one thing matters: headbanging as much as possible.

Download - Mediafire (v0)

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