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Norma Jean - O God, The Aftermath (2005)

1. Murderotica
2. Vertebraille
3. Bayonetwork
4. Dilemmachine
5. Coffinspire
6. Liarsenic
7. Disconnecktie
8. Absentimental
9. Charactarantula
10. Pretendeavor
11. Scientifiction

DOWNLOAD (320 kbps)

I love mathcore. Perhaps this is not the best way to describe them (I could use metalcore, chaotic hardcore, and on) but mathcore is one of the only musical genres in which, whenever I hear any song of it, there's almost always a part in the song that makes me go "fuck, this is awesome." And these guys makes me feel the same way. Ergo, I'll probably post more of their stuff.

Also, yeah, they're christians? Who gives a shit? Good music > beliefs, looks, et cetera. Ah, tags are fucked up. Last.fm has both of these names and some other (and bigger) ones. I'm keeping the long ones, though, they're nicer. :3

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  • Blogger heywhatsthatnoise??? says so:
    August 31, 2010 at 1:47 PM  

    Yeah, that Cd is incredible, it's been all downhill since 05 for them. Look up the Chariot if you haven't already, when Norma Jean started to sell out all the talented members left and started that band, and they're amazing. top