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Carla Bozulich - Evangelista (2006)

01. Evangelista I
02. Steal Away
03. How To Survive Being Hit By LIghtning
04. Inside Sleeps
05. Baby, That’s The Creeps
06. Pissing
07. Prince Of The World
08. Nels’ Box
09. Evangelista II


Carla Bozulich made this record during a cold gray season in Montreal, but the desolation of northern wintertime is nothing compared to the sonic devastation she wreaks on the very first track. “Evangelista I” rolls in like a toxic fog; bells toll, strings groan, phones ring, an engine refuses to start, and then her voice comes in like a last prayer before the ship goes down. When the music stops for a moment, her unaccompanied delivery reminds me of Beefheart’s “Orange Claw Hammer,” but there’s none of that tune’s hallucinatory humor, only palpable anguish. Then the music lurches back into gear, all sampled scrapes and backwards tone-drizzle, and a fire and brimstone preacher bubbles up through the mix. Yup, we’re in Godspeed! You Black Emperor territory, which makes sense since several of that over-the-top orchestra’s members contribute here. Godspeed wore that trick out after their second album, but somehow Bozulich makes it work one more time.

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