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Worlds End Girlfriend - Hurtbreak Wonderland (2007)

01. Wandering
02. Birthday Resistance
03. 100 Years Of Choke
04. Grass Ark
05. Ghost Of A Horse Under The Chandelier
06. The Octuple Personality And Eleven Crows
07. Breath Or Castle Ballad
08. Bless Yourself Bleed
09. Dance For Borderline Miscanthus
10. River Was Filled With Stories



Hurtbreak Wonderland is an incredibly detailed and eclectic album that consistently sounds organic and fresh, coaxing the listener to wander in its blossoming passages. Despite its technical prowess, some of the movements tend to drag on in spots, leaving portions of the album sounding unfocused. Maeda occasionally manages to anchor everything with his propulsive beats, but the surge of strings and keyboards is in constant lift, leaving some unresolved tension between the elements. Despite the often confounding juxtapositions here, Hurtbreak Wonderland is a beautiful and original record that clearly breaks new ground in the post-rock genre. The cornucopia of instruments and noises used here leaves plenty of room for continued exploration. In short, WEG has created a deep and dreamy effort that begs for multiple listens.

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