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Magic Dirt - Girl (2008)

1. Get Ready To Die
2. Emerald Green
3. Romy
4. Six Feet Under
5. Always
6. White Boy
7. Full Of Rope
8. Tremor
9. Cupids Bow
10. More

I've been favoring Australian bands lately. First it was The Red Sun Band, and now it's this gem, Magic Dirt. I've always been a grunge fan somewhat, but always longed for something that actually sounded like the genre, not just generic alternative crap. I have a real find here! It's grunge, and it doesn't sound terrible, a double-bonus for me, and a triple-bonus if you listen to it, for it's a really great album. Uncluttered arrangements and gutsy, unprocessed sounds define this band, who put up a true effort to make music no matter what. 'Emerald Green' is an incredible song, make sure to listen to it.

Download - Mediafire (v0)

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