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Telemetrik - My Lightyear (2008)

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01. Cosmos
02. R.U.R. (feat. Impulse)
03. Exit Civilization
04. The Bane (feat. Hyx)
05. Evil Exists (feat. Evancipation)
06. Space Coke
07. Station Seven
08. Rouge City (feat. Hyx)
09. Magnet (feat. Black Sun Empire)
10. My Lightyear


My Lightyear is a compilation of the My Lightyear series, a 3 part EP release which came together as one here. Each track spans through a story about the cosmos, and winds up being one of the best albums in the genre. It is nothing but amazing, and somewhat thought provoking. With this being Telemetrik's first album on the BSE label, you know to expect quality, and well, that is exactly what you get.


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