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Shadowcast Sun - Void; (2008)

01. Double Flow
02. The Shiver
03. Catalyse
04. Die Write
05. Zenith
06. Miasma Serene
07. Falls The Face Of Foresight
08. Compulse To State
09. The 7th
10. Withouth Form
11. Panicked Release
12. Unseen

DOWNLOAD (256kbps VBR or FLAC with .CUE)

Shadowcast Sun is a post-rock band which has a few metal elements. Get it you're into GIIA, Agalloch and such.

You can listen to all the songs for free here. Also, the first song is pretty post-rockish clichĂȘ so don't judge the whole thing from it. The Shiver is way better and on.

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