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Killwhitneydead - So Pretty, So Plastic (2005)

01. The Age Of Dilema Of Romance Vs. Retribution
02. Save Your Sermsons For Sunday So I Can Sleep This Night Off
03. If I Told You I Loved You Would I Get It Faster?
04. Murder Nouveaus (It's All The Rage)
05. I'm Heavy, But I Get The Blues Just Like Everyone Else
06. You Smell Excited
07. Pretty With The Lights Off
08. One Match & A Gallon Of Gasoline
09. I Wouldn't Kick Her Her Out Of Bed For Eating Crackers
10. Liars Like You Live The Shortest Lives (An Open Letter To Imposter)
11. Put Your Mouth Where The Money Is
12. 33 Seconds Of Sanity


This is awesome. At first, I didn't like the vocals very much, but I got used to it. Also, movie dialogues during songs = win.

About the tags, I think the right one would be deathcore (even though they're nothing like Job For A Cowboy, IIRC), but it's really agressive, so, whatever..

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