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Gregor Samsa - Over Air (2009)

1. Ain Leuh / VPRO
2. Jeroen Van Aken / VPRO
3. Three / VPRO
4. Adolescent / VPRO
5. Abutting, Dismantling / VPRO
6. Young And Old / VPRO
7. Du meine Leise / alternate mix
8. XXX / GS + Tiempo
9. Lean / GS + Bobby Donne (of Labradford)


"In collaboration with Dutch radio station, VPRO and the Kora Records, we’ll be releasing a new recording titled Over Air. The album will include a mastered version of our session at Desmet Studios for VPRO, along with many extras, including HD quality videos and a recording or two that hasn’t been officially released. This will be a fairly limited pressing, distributed on tour and through Kora Records." From GregorSamsa.com

Gotta love teh leaks. So, yeah, live album. No crowd sound, tho, from what I'm listening right now. This album has a few songs from their 2008 (Rest) album, which is great. Maybe I'll post it here later. Get it if you're already a fan. Get if you're curious.

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