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Irving - Good Morning Beautiful (2002)

1. Crumbling Mountain Tops
2. Eyes Adjust to Light
3. L-O-V-E
4. Sleepy Inside
5. Did I Ever Tell You I'm in Love With Your Girlfriend
6. Holiday
7. March Was Fair at Best
8. Turn of the Century
9. Heading North
10. A Very Frivolous Distribution of Sundries
11. Faster Than Steam

Showcasing clever lyricism and engaging melodies, Good Morning Beautiful is a sure-fire indie pop winner. Good Morning Beautiful makes resourceful use of the talents of every one of its five singer-songwriters. Truly a collaborative band, each member has co-written and sing on at least one song on the self-produced Good Morning Beautiful. Irving's blending of wildly catchy pop harmonies and a solid rhythm section produce their special brand of pop magic. Even the most jaded and cynical pop scenesters will find themselves moving to the beat of these contagious tunes. Jumping smoothly from the animated L-O-V-E to the curiously affecting Did I Ever Tell You I'm in Love with Your Girlfriend to the melancholic beauty of Holiday, this record has it all. The effortless segue from the upbeat, energetic pop sound of A Very Frivolous Distribution of Sundries to the tenderly graceful Faster than Steam elegantly demonstrates Irving's range and creativity.

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