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Dan Potthast - Eyeballs (1999)

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01. Hula Hoops
02. I've Set Sail
03. Eyeballs
04. Where's Teddy?
05. Same Page
06. Heavy
07. Another Name in a Magazine
08. Oil Change
09. 8 Eyes
10. My Favorite Song
11. I Went In
12. Staring at Payphones
13. No One Ever Leaves
14. Perryville


Ok, so Dan Potthast is a guy, he used to be in a band, but now he isn't. He was the singer and guitarist for the ska/punk band Mu330, but since the bands departure and hiatus, he now puts out solo records.

This is his first of many, and well, I love it. Simple catchy acoustic songs, sometimes accompanied by other instruments (which I think he plays to). It isn't one of those acoustic albums which strives to be complex and deep, and usually boring. It's more on the light side, and even sometimes funny. Though it is still poetic, peaceful and has very nice lyrics.

PS. I was gonna rip a new v0 copy of this, but my cd drive is borked, so yeah, enjoy this copy, which is 160 CBR. If you want better quality, leave a comment and I will try to rip it.

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