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The Depreciation Guild - In Her Gentle Jaws (2007)

1. In Her Gentle Jaws
2. Sky Ghosts
3. Darklooming
4. Butterfly Kisses
5. Digital Solace
6. A Room, A Canvas
7. Parasol Parachute
8. Water Window
9. Nautilus
10. Heavy Eyes

I have to say, in a world where chiptune sucks, this band does not make it suck. Everything is kept minimally, as to fully maximize all parts of the music. Sound ebbs and flows, twisting itself as time passes by. Vocals softly drift into the tracks, a delicate dance. An album worth snatching. A notable track is Parasol Parachute, which manages to be trippy, ambient, and beautiful at the same time, often in the same moments.

Download - Mediafire
Download - Artist (No Charge)

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