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Desiderii Marginis - The Ever Green Tree

01. The Ever Green Tree
02. Hibernation
03. Legends
04. Stalkinghorse
05. Hallmark
06. This Vale Of Tears



Desiderii Marginis, ever since their first release has ranked among the best dark ambient acts. Before this album I would have written this review saying that they follow with great talent the Cold Meat traditional sound (which is already not so bad consdeitng the overall quality of the label). But with this I have to amend my thought and say that they Define the Cold Meat sound rather than just following it. This album is pure simple beauty, dark ambient in all it splendor, with the judicious addition of acoustic guitars. What diferentiates this albums from other excellent acts (like Sephiroth or Raison D'Etre maybe) is the simplicity of the writing. They do not need to create complex structures and gurgling noises, and they can allow themselves to be melodic (which is often a trap in this genre). To prove my say, one of my friends who's absolutely not in this type of music liked it instantly when he heard it. This is the differnece between talent and genius, and genius, Desiderii Marginis have a lot.

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