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Sigur Ros - Takk...

1. Takk...
2. Glosoli
3. Hoppipolla
4. Med Blodnasir
5. Se Lest
6. Saeglopur
7. Milano
8. Gong
9. Andvari
10. Svo Hljott
11. Heysatan



First of all, I apologize for the sorry track list that I made. This album is in my opinion, among many others, to be the magnum opus of Sigur Ros thus far. Jonsi's lyrics are for the most part, a fictional language known as Hopelandic. The vocals are therefore a strong addition to the music by becoming adding the effects of an instrument. If I could describe Sigur Ros in one word, it would be: Beautiful. Similar Artists: none that I've heard of thus far, but I hear 'mum' is nearly tantamount. Personal Favorite Tracks: Saeglopur, Milano (the singing is just phenomenal especially in this track because he just hits notes that you don't think he can pull off...but he does), Gong, Glosoli, and Hoppipolla. Sigur Ros: You put Iceland on the map.

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