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Portugal. The Man - Church Mouth (2007)

1. Church Mouth
2. Sugar Cinnamon
3. Telling Tellers Tell Me
4. My Mind
5. Shade
6. Dawn
7. Oh Lord
8. Bellies are Full
9. Children
10. The Bottom
11. Sleeping Sleepers Sleep
12. Sun Brother


I have been recently trying to get into more music that was more progressive and pretty decent vocally. After looking around, I decided to give Portugal. The Man a listen. I downloaded this album first and did not really like it at first. After a few more listens, I grew accustomed to their sound and began to appreciate this band. Artists that I find similar to Portugal. The Man: The Mars Volta, The White Stripes/The Raconteurs, flashes of Led Zeppelin. My personal favorite tracks are: Shade, The Bottom, Children, Dawn, Telling Tellers Tell Me, and Bellies are Full. Shit's Kosmiche.

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