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Shit and Shine - Cherry (2008)

01. Creepy Ballerina
02. Am I a Nice Guy
03. Honestly Don't
04. Danielle
05. Charm and Counter Charm
06. If You Knew Susie
07. Flower Petal Sword
08. Prize Winning
09. Charlade
10. Cigarette Sequence
11. Cherry
12. Shockwave
13. High Brooms
14. The Rabbit Song



Shit and Shine have been assaulting audiences with their unique take on barely controlled, forcefully percussive, and endlessly repetitive stoner-skronk for the better part of a few years, they’re far from a known entity even in their home country of England. With a lineup that often balloons to encompass as many as five drummers/percussionists at any one time, the records they’ve unloaded on the public thus far betray not only a constantly fluctuating lineup, but also the different approaches to brute force hostility a variable membership like theirs necessarily entails.

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