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Suburban Rhythm - Suburban Rhythm (1997)

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01. Lust
02. 18 Inch Ruler
03. Coming out of the Woodwork
04. Incomplete
05. My Sister Sam
06. Gameshow
07. Blue Hawaii
08. 99 Degrees
09. Mr.Smooth Guy
10. Bixville"
11. Bright City Lights
12. Tension (Live)
13. Kung Fu Fighting (Live)
14. Incomplete (Live)
15. My Sister Sam (Live)
16. Don't Mess With The Little Guy (Live)


Suburban Rhythm are a very jazzy/funky rock outfit. They play a very random group of songs on this album, from very funky songs like "18 Inch Ruler" to a somewhat Frank Sinatra esque song "Big City Lights" to random, yet catchy songs like "Blue Hawaii".

It is a very odd album, very energetic, with some very nice bass lines, and good vocals, it may be a hit or miss for some, but I really enjoy it. It may also be good to note, it is hard to find this album in stores, or even new copies of it, because of that, I can't provide a good "where to buy link".

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