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Noxagt - Noxagt (2006)

01. Histrionix
02. Wall's End
03. Soft Sugar
04. Ninety Parallels Ago
05. Ceofficient Ascender
06. Satin Vengeance
07. The Impious One



The seven songs here are a strong, smart combination of pummelling riffage and carefully-planned changes, something like a Ruins' 45 played at 33 – or a more complex updating of Godflesh. There's a surprising amount of variety, given that it can be tricky to individualize tracks when they're instrumental and this heavy; it's nearly all deep, aggressive rock churn, dominated by smashing drums, ultra-low grinding bass and guitar that shoots off shards of distortion in all directions. The ingredients don't vary much, it's the mixture of them that maintains interest. And, wisely, Noxagt display an awareness of the listener's attention span, keeping the album at an easily-digestible 38 minutes.

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