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The Bird Ensemble - Migration (2007)

1. No.1
2. No.2
3. No.3
4. No.4
5. No.5
6. No.6
7. No.7
8. No.8

The Bird Ensemble hails from Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. And don't worry, the track listing is not a mistake, but rather just as eclectic as the band itself. Slowly does the tempo build from the first track, rising like the sun, from visceral darkness into the sky, transitioning from ambient to more of a post-rock vibe, and twisting perfectly from track to track. It flows into piano, accompanied by the soft strumming of a guitar. No.6 is an especially wonderful track, combining a multiple of elements to express in it's ways. If you like beautiful post-rock, you will like this.

Download - Rapidshare

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