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XBXRX - Sounds (2007)

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01. Infancy of Millions Pt.I
02. Asymbol
03. Chaired
04. Infancy of Millions Pt.II
05. Sentido Roto
06. Na Lata
07. Oceaned

v2 (vbr)


XBXRX are a punk rock band, but not your typical run of the mill "the government sucks" punk band, they tend to play noise influenced punk.

This album though, is pure improvised music. It is very strange, and because of that, and the types of instruments used reminds me of an early Residents album at times. It goes into many stages from very ambient like rhythms with strange percussion, to a more noise sound with loud and chaotic drumming. It pretty much goes everywhere since it is all pretty much improv.

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