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Elenanoora Rosenholm - Vainajan Muotokuva (2007)

1. Musta Ruusu
2. Japanilainen Puutarha
3. Ovet Ja Huoneet
4. Kopiokissa
5. Pyhäpietarinaukio
6. Kiltti Vai Tuhma
7. Kodinrakennusohjeet
8. Puutarhakatu 36
9. Maailmanloppu

Aside from the... odd, shall we say, cover art, this Finnish band is excellent. The vocals ring clear and beautiful, melding into the music. I feel like I am lost for words in recent times, but this album is something, worthwhile. Musta Ruusu reigns as the best track, for its clear acoustical play, and wonderful vocal use.

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