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Bong-Ra - Full Metal Racket (2007)

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01 Terrorizah
02 Slaytronic
03 Necrogoat
04 Earache
05 Bloody Cenotaph
06 Jo Bench
07 Ram Waster
08 Dstrctv
09 Grindkrush
10 Painkiller


To start off, I love this album. It has hard hitting breakcore beats, overlapped with metal riffs, which sound great together. Bong-Ra has made some great music in this album, much like in his Stereohype Heroin Hooker album, though this isn't like his more acclaimed IDM style (which I kind of didn't like), but it is still great. Pick it up if you like breakcore, this won't disappoint.

PS I think the quality is v0, but I can't remember where I got this from originally, so I can't double check... May be v2 VBR though, again not sure...

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