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BLÆRG - Auspices and Vagaries (2008)

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1) A Quiet Strength (4:28)
2) Meticulous Erosion (4:27)
3) Flourish (3:20)
4) Auspices And Vagaries(3:05)


Yeah, BLÆRG's new 4 track release, its really damn good. It is available for free from the site to, which is what this is. If you want better quality, purchase it, the site will send you the album, and download links for high quality MP3 or FLAC, so yeah, get this album, the purchase link and the read me have great descriptions of what this album sounds like, so I wont bother being redundant...

Mediafire link taken down by request, just go through the labels dl service, its just as easy, and just as free.

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