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Mimas - The Worries (2008)

1. Treehouse
2. Mac, Get Your Gear
3. Dads
4. Fangs
5. Why In The World Not?
6. Dr. Phil's Retirement
7. Keep Quiet
8. Cats On Fire
9. Beneath The Glad Sunbeam


I don't know how many of you know of Mimas, but they are an Indie band that is often categorized as Post-Rock, Indie, and self-categorized as "Death Indie." In my opinion, they sound like a mixture of Sigur Ros and Built To Spill. Some other blog said they're a mixture of Sigur Ros and Isis (lol). Either way they're pretty nice to have. Favorite Tracks: Cats On Fire, Treehouse. Enjoy!

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