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Riding Alone For Thousands of Miles - A Boldoság Minden Remenyét Elragadták (2008)

1. I - Fallujah Sky
2. II - A Solemn Goodbye
3. III - Screwdriver
4. IV - Fading Light And Broken Windows


OK, I don't know if you're a GY!BE fan, but I know I am. Over the years, everyone could hear people talking shit, when looking for a similar band, like "Hey, get this one band! It reminds me of GY!BE!" And I got a lot of those albums. Everything was meh; good, but nowhere near its beauty.

THIS album I'm posting is a lot like 'em. And I do mean a lot. Four songs, all of them are over 15 minutes, there's no singing, only people talking random stuff eventually, melodies come and go, there's sirens, and on.

Goes without saying, but I'll do it anyway: get it if you're a GY!BE fan. Get it if you enjoy post-rock and long songs. Get it you're into ambient music.

PS.: Tags are fucked up. Kinda. Last.fm has tons of variations (some with .. after every title, some with no I - in front of them), so when you download the album, just go to their last.fm page and choose the ones you'll use.

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