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The Gasman - Audiogold (2007)

01. Crucible (Remix) 6:05
02. IEC II 5:12
03. (Mx90) 5:56
04. Sharp-GF 4646 4:38
05. Pyrex 4:36
06. Squash 4:18
07. (Rev) 4:22
08. Personics 5:00
09. Battery Hen 3:46
10. Memorex 5:06
11. Molten 4:42
12. Trampoline4 5:18


In the last few months I've taken a much bigger interest in this guy here. He goes by the name, "The Gasman" and has released around 8 or so albums on some great labels like Sublight and Planet Mu. For some reason his work has always gone under my radar until a few weeks ago when I ordered his OO1 album. Though this isn't that album I also downloaded this on a whim and well, fell in love with it. Very very good IDM~esque stuff, nothing but good things can be said from my perspective.

I really liked it, yeah, it was a great listen, hands down one of my favorite discoveries in the past year or so. Though many people will probably not find it to be mindblowing as it really isn't like OMG INNOVATIVE but it's more of that "everything I loved about this genre all in one album with no filler at all" kinda thing. If anyone ever asks me for recommendations in this genre this is the first album I am telling them to get. Really though, how is this not more popular?

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