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Sickboy - Tweencore (2010)

1. Tweencore 1
2. Tweencore 2
3. Tweencore 3
4. Tweencore 4
5. Tweencore 5
6. Tweencore 6


Ok so this is a free release and has been up on the internet for a while, but I really think I should share it and explain why this album is so great. First off, it's Sickboy, the guy is a genius. Second, this album pretty much epitomizes sampling culture in the most amazing way possible.

Most groups just sample a beat and loop it or some boring shit. What Sickboy managed to do is de-construct pop songs from the likes of the Jonas Brothers and re-construct them into whole new songs. Now you may think or whine "eww jbros are gay" well usually I'd agree, but I think the genius of the album comes into play here.

He manages to make this whole tween culture into something amazing. He makes the most childish kiddie pop samples and turns them into legitimate breakcore tracks in such an amazing fashion it is almost hard to believe what he sampled was from High School Musical or Twilight. His premise was pretty much he saw this whole untapped source of samples and went into something no one has really done before and just made an album about it.

Every song fits together and just blows shit out of the water. If you actually download and listen to it you will be shocked to hear how incredibly he made Miley Cirus sound that you will wonder if her music was originally that good at all. Then you know get let down because no, they weren't that good ever. Sickboy manages to do one thing no one else has ever done (mostly because the laws of nature won't allow it) and turned shit literally into gold.

Obviously this album has gotten a lot of attention for this, a lot of faggots like Girl Talk try to be this good with their gay mashup bullshit. But don't come anywhere close to achieving something like this. Just dark, heavy, fun, catchy, infectious, crazy dance tracks that will make your jaw drop in so many ways you will think why has Sickboy not achieved god status in life yet.

Because really, anyone who can do this is a legend. And I don't mean from a novelty perspective either, this album is a legitimately fan-fucking-tastic album. His style really reached a new level here, I though re-creating the Ah-Ha's Take On Me into a crazy chopped up breakcore track was good but this is just amazing.

But I think the real importance of this album stems much more into the legal aspects of what he did. The whole controversy of sampling may be far behind us but this album really takes that much farther. It's less of sampling and more of re-creating an entire subculture and making it appeal to others in such a creative way it's hard to even classify it as traditional sampling. Not to mention it really embodies the current mentality of internet subculture and the whole mentality of piracy to a new aspect.

Which is pretty much the theft of ideas to create new ones. Though I doubt that was the intended purpose of this but it really just resonates with this whole era due to it being such a unique piece of music. Because he didn't just make beats out of the beatles songs then loop jay z lyrics over it he took it miles farther which is just hard to explain. My point being though the outcome of this into such a mash of opposite subcultures into one thing was mind blowing to see and could never be done without the freedoms the internet posses.

This explains it a bit better "As my esteemed colleague Brian rightly points out, the blatant and unauthorised appropriation of corporate-owned music recordings, as a musing or protest against perceivably draconian copyright laws is now an old tradition. However, these dusty scrolls of commerce designed to protect the musician, are still being used to control and exploit in ever more devious ways. And not just creators, but also appreciators. In an age where music blogs go missing in the middle of the night, and these hallowed texts are wielded to draft a bill that will essentially turn digital Britain into a police state, Sickboy’s sentiment is all the more relevant."

Or something, though yeah I am probably over analyzing this but I think it's a cool concept that he did. He pretty much took a bunch of Disney and tween samples and pieced them together with his own musical styles into audio gold. No matter how you look at it, this is really an incredible musical achievement and really an innovative move despite how simple it is. A lot of people sample voice clips yeah, but not a lot of people are able to make whole songs accompanying them. It really is an amazing feat of sampling and musical genius.

I can't emphasize enough how incredible this album is. Really, it's like holy shit good. Erm, holy shit I am listening to the jonas brothers and enjoying it good. Because really when you hear it you will be like "fuuuuuuck" when you realize the shit he is sampling. It's amazing

download this shit

oh and look out for part 2... Shits already in the works


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  • Blogger P! says so:
    August 29, 2010 at 6:53 PM  

    Though I know you'd rather want me to post the new Tera Melos or VSnares albums but that is boring

    Where is the fun in that?

    I'm freakin' out top

  • Blogger heywhatsthatnoise??? says so:
    August 31, 2010 at 2:43 PM  

    This shit is fucking incredible. My only dabblings into mashup have been girl talk, I didn't know THIS existed. Just....wow. Tweencore 5 just became one of my favorite songs hahaha. top